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Specialist Services

Our aim is create safe professional, empathic services to those with learning Disabilities. Our approach is client-led which means we work at a level and pace appropriate to each client’s skills and ability, with no hidden agenda or assumed outcomes. We adopt a total communication approach, using Makaton signing, pictures, photos and creative tools to help them express and explore their thoughts and feelings effectively.

Working With LD

Working Therapeutically                    

At LEAD we have the skills and ability to adapt our communication to a level appropriate to the client and we understand not only, what can cause communication to break down but also what can be done to help to overcome this. Read more – working therapeutically with someone with a Learning Disability

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Bespoke Groups 

Aside counselling for people with Learning Disabilities we also offer bespoke groups on topics such as our very popular Emotions Group and our ‘Miss you’ events for Mother’s day, Father’s day and Christmas. Every summer we also run a ‘Summer Senses’ programme which has been a huge success read more – Learning Disability group work

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Counselling for Carers                 

We also offer counselling to anyone that supports someone with a Learning Disability such as parents, carers and siblings. Read more – parents and carers

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Learning Disability Training

As a wraparound service we also offer training to staff who work in the Learning Disability field to raise awareness on how to properly support someone with a Learning Disability when they are going through a stressful/emotional time in their lives. We also provide stress awareness training for staff/carers read more – training

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